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Did you know that NCL is the only cruise line that has 3-days in port in Bermuda? Well it's true, and that means more time for you to enjoy hitting the links, dancing the night away or relaxing on the pink sand beaches.

Sail from New York or Boston to this lovely island, which sits just 600 nautical miles off the eastern seaboard. We'll dock at King's Wharf for three days, giving you the freedom to explore the beaches, golf courses, restaurants, shops and historic monuments at your leisure. Come back aboard and get a massage, drop by the casino, eat late and dance all night. It's all good, because with Freestyle Cruising, we’re on your schedule, not ours.

Bermuda Cruises Available Cruises

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2020 Bermuda Cruises Available Cruises

Apr 065Norwegian GemRoundtrip New York City$1,323$52960%
Apr 074Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip New York City$1,073$42960%
Apr 0910Norwegian DawnRoundtrip New York City$1,623$64960%
Apr 0910Norwegian StarRoundtrip $1,748$69960%
Apr 117Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip New York City$2,248$89960%
Apr 115Norwegian GemRoundtrip New York City$1,573$62960%
Apr 177Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$1,623$64960%
Apr 247Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$1,373$54960%
May 017Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$1,623$64960%
May 087Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$1,498$59960%
May 157Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$1,998$79960%
May 227Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$1,873$74960%
May 297Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$1,873$74960%
Jun 057Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$1,498$59960%
Jun 127Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$1,948$77960%
Jun 197Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$1,823$72960%
Jun 267Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$2,498$99960%
Jul 037Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$2,198$87960%
Jul 107Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$2,248$89960%
Jul 177Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$2,248$89960%
Jul 247Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$1,998$79960%
Jul 317Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$1,873$74960%
Aug 077Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$1,873$74960%
Aug 147Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$2,123$84960%
Aug 217Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$1,873$74960%
Oct 115Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip New York City$1,373$54960%
Oct 167Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$1,748$69960%
Oct 237Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$1,748$69960%
Oct 305Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$1,448$57960%
Oct 3010Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip New York City$2,248$89960%
Nov 045Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$1,373$54960%
Nov 094Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$998$39960%
Nov 2313Norwegian EpicBarcelona to San Juan$1,998$79960%

2021 Bermuda Cruises Available Cruises

Apr 187Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$2,248$89960%
Apr 255Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$1,698$67960%
Apr 307Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$2,198$87960%
May 077Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$2,198$87960%
May 147Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$2,198$87960%
May 217Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$2,198$87960%
May 287Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$2,198$87960%
Jun 047Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$2,573$1,02960%
Jun 117Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$2,573$1,02960%
Jun 187Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$2,698$1,07960%
Jun 257Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$2,748$1,09960%
Jul 027Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$2,748$1,09960%
Jul 097Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$2,698$1,07960%
Jul 167Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$2,573$1,02960%
Jul 237Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$2,573$1,02960%
Jul 307Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$2,573$1,02960%
Aug 067Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$2,448$97960%
Aug 137Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$2,448$97960%
Aug 207Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$2,448$97960%
Oct 227Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$1,998$79960%
Oct 247Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip New York City$2,373$94960%
Oct 297Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$1,998$79960%
Oct 317Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip New York City$2,373$94960%
Nov 057Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$1,873$74960%
Nov 134Norwegian GemRoundtrip New York City$1,173$46960%
Nov 175Norwegian GemRoundtrip New York City$1,448$57960%

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