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Norwegian Cruise Line Last Minute Onboard Credit up to $200

Get up to $200 onboard credit on select last minute cruises! Must call to verify onboard credit.

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2019 Norwegian Cruises

Dec 077Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$2,373$94960%
Dec 077Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,073$42960%
Dec 077Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Miami$1,349$37972%
Dec 075Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$448$17960%
Dec 087Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,198$47960%
Dec 085Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New Orleans$698$27960%
Dec 094Norwegian PearlRoundtrip Miami$469$12973%
Dec 1111Norwegian JewelAuckland to Sydney$1,373$54960%
Dec 115Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$709$15978%
Dec 125Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$448$17960%
Dec 138Norwegian GemRoundtrip New York City$873$34960%
Dec 139Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New Orleans$998$39960%
Dec 135Norwegian PearlRoundtrip Miami$599$20966%
Dec 137Norwegian BlissRoundtrip New York City$1,123$44960%
Dec 147Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$2,573$1,02960%
Dec 147Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Miami$1,349$37972%
Dec 147Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,123$44960%
Dec 157Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,123$44960%
Dec 157Norwegian SpiritRoundtrip Civitavecchia (Rome)$1,123$44960%
Dec 156Norwegian JadeRoundtrip $873$34960%
Dec 157Norwegian DawnRoundtrip Tampa$873$34960%
Dec 164Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$659$15976%
Dec 175Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$473$18960%
Dec 185Norwegian PearlRoundtrip Miami$998$29971%
Dec 203Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,028$14986%
Dec 208Norwegian BlissRoundtrip New York City$2,748$1,09960%
Dec 2114Norwegian GemRoundtrip New York City$3,748$1,49960%
Dec 217Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Miami$2,298$79966%
Dec 217Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$4,948$1,97960%
Dec 2114Norwegian Star to Buenos Aires$2,123$84960%
Dec 217Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,998$79960%
Dec 2115Norwegian JadeRoundtrip $2,873$1,14960%
Dec 225Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,248$49960%
Dec 2211Norwegian SpiritRoundtrip Civitavecchia (Rome)$3,623$1,44960%
Dec 2212Norwegian JewelRoundtrip Sydney$2,873$1,14960%
Dec 227Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,373$54960%
Dec 227Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New Orleans$2,373$94960%
Dec 227Norwegian DawnRoundtrip Tampa$1,623$64960%
Dec 233Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,348$37972%
Dec 2311Norwegian PearlRoundtrip Miami$2,948$1,17960%
Dec 264Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,558$55965%
Dec 274Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,248$49960%
Dec 287Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$5,748$2,29960%
Dec 287Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Port Canaveral$2,498$99960%
Dec 287Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Miami$2,298$1,02956%
Dec 288Norwegian BlissRoundtrip New York City$2,873$1,14960%
Dec 297Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New Orleans$2,298$91960%
Dec 297Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,948$77960%
Dec 297Norwegian DawnRoundtrip Tampa$2,073$82960%
Dec 304Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,778$59967%
Dec 313Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,323$52960%

2020 Norwegian Cruises

Jan 035Norwegian PearlRoundtrip Miami$649$27958%
Jan 033Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,028$27973%
Jan 0310Norwegian JewelSydney to Auckland$1,748$69960%
Jan 035Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$798$31960%
Jan 047Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Miami$1,349$54960%
Jan 047Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,248$49960%
Jan 0420Norwegian GemNew York City to San Francisco$2,323$92960%
Jan 047Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$3,123$1,24960%
Jan 0414Norwegian StarBuenos Aires to $2,248$89960%
Jan 058Norwegian JadeRoundtrip $998$39960%
Jan 0514Norwegian BlissRoundtrip New York City$2,748$1,09960%
Jan 0511Norwegian DawnRoundtrip Tampa$1,623$64960%
Jan 057Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New Orleans$1,073$42960%
Jan 0511Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,323$52960%
Jan 064Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$629$29953%
Jan 085Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$698$27960%
Jan 084Norwegian PearlRoundtrip Miami$529$19963%
Jan 105Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,019$29971%
Jan 117Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Miami$1,349$49964%
Jan 1111Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,998$79960%
Jan 117Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$2,998$1,19960%
Jan 125Norwegian PearlRoundtrip Miami$649$27958%
Jan 125Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New Orleans$748$29960%
Jan 1310Norwegian JewelAuckland to Sydney$1,623$64960%
Jan 135Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$823$32960%
Jan 1312Norwegian JadeRoundtrip $1,998$79960%
Jan 155Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,019$31969%
Jan 1610Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,373$54960%
Jan 173Norwegian PearlRoundtrip Miami$848$19977%
Jan 179Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New Orleans$1,623$64960%
Jan 185Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$748$29960%
Jan 1814Norwegian Star to Buenos Aires$2,373$94960%
Jan 187Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Miami$1,349$49964%
Jan 187Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$2,998$1,19960%
Jan 1914Norwegian BlissRoundtrip New York City$2,873$1,14960%
Jan 204Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$629$30951%
Jan 2112Norwegian DawnRoundtrip Tampa$1,873$74960%
Jan 2210Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,873$74960%
Jan 235Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$748$29960%
Jan 2312Norwegian JewelSydney to Auckland$2,373$94960%
Jan 2421Norwegian GemSan Francisco to New York City$2,823$1,12960%
Jan 245Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$989$37962%
Jan 257Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Miami$1,748$49972%
Jan 257Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$2,998$1,19960%
Jan 255Norwegian JadeRoundtrip $1,623$64960%
Jan 267Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New Orleans$1,123$44960%
Jan 2611Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,248$49960%
Jan 285Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$873$34960%
Jan 295Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$989$32967%
Jan 307Norwegian JadeRoundtrip $1,248$49960%
Feb 0114Norwegian StarBuenos Aires to $1,998$79960%
Feb 017Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Miami$1,748$39978%
Feb 017Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$3,248$1,29960%
Feb 017Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,373$54960%
Feb 025Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New Orleans$873$34960%
Feb 025Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$823$32960%
Feb 0214Norwegian BlissRoundtrip New York City$3,123$1,24960%
Feb 0214Norwegian DawnRoundtrip Tampa$2,998$1,19960%
Feb 034Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$629$32948%
Feb 0410Norwegian JewelAuckland to Sydney$1,623$64960%
Feb 0611Norwegian JadeRoundtrip $2,123$84960%
Feb 0610Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,498$59960%
Feb 075Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$823$32960%
Feb 075Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$939$34963%
Feb 079Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New Orleans$1,998$79960%
Feb 087Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,373$54960%
Feb 087Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Miami$1,349$49964%
Feb 087Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$3,498$1,39960%
Feb 1120Norwegian SpiritCivitavecchia (Rome) to $2,748$1,09960%
Feb 125Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,338$34974%
Feb 125Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$873$34960%
Feb 1410Norwegian GemRoundtrip New York City$2,323$92960%
Feb 1414Norwegian JewelRoundtrip Sydney$2,623$1,04960%
Feb 157Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,873$74960%
Feb 157Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Miami$1,748$49972%
Feb 1514Norwegian Star to Buenos Aires$2,123$84960%
Feb 157Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$3,373$1,34960%
Feb 167Norwegian BlissRoundtrip New York City$2,123$84960%
Feb 167Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New Orleans$2,048$81960%
Feb 167Norwegian DawnRoundtrip Tampa$1,448$57960%
Feb 167Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,248$49960%
Feb 174Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,058$34968%
Feb 175Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$998$39960%
Feb 1710Norwegian JadeRoundtrip $1,873$74960%
Feb 215Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$939$37960%
Feb 227Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,498$59960%
Feb 225Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$998$39960%
Feb 227Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Miami$1,349$54960%
Feb 227Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$3,623$1,44960%
Feb 225Norwegian PearlRoundtrip Miami$649$29954%
Feb 237Norwegian BlissRoundtrip New York City$1,748$69960%
Feb 237Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New Orleans$1,373$54960%
Feb 237Norwegian DawnRoundtrip Tampa$1,123$44960%
Feb 237Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,373$54960%
Feb 2411Norwegian GemRoundtrip New York City$1,748$69960%
Feb 265Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$409$3798%
Feb 275Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,073$42960%
Feb 2720Norwegian JadeRoundtrip $3,198$1,27960%
Feb 273Norwegian PearlRoundtrip Miami$498$19960%
Feb 2821Norwegian JewelSydney to $3,248$1,29960%
Feb 297Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Miami$1,349$49964%
Feb 297Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,498$59960%
Feb 2914Norwegian StarBuenos Aires to $2,498$99960%
Feb 297Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$3,123$1,24960%
Mar 017Norwegian PearlRoundtrip Miami$979$39960%
Mar 017Norwegian BlissRoundtrip New York City$1,623$64960%
Mar 017Norwegian DawnRoundtrip Tampa$1,123$44960%
Mar 017Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New Orleans$1,298$51960%
Mar 017Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,623$64960%
Mar 0220Norwegian SpiritRoundtrip $7,248$2,89960%
Mar 024Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$659$39940%
Mar 035Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,123$44960%
Mar 063Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$978$39960%
Mar 0610Norwegian GemRoundtrip New York City$1,748$69960%
Mar 077Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,498$59960%
Mar 077Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Miami$1,748$69961%
Mar 077Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$3,123$1,24960%

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