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Norwegian Cruises to the Caribbean

With NCL's Freestyle Cruising you can be as carefree as you want to be in the sunniest of places. There are an indiscriminate number of beachfront palm trees, ideal for napping. Whether you're relaxing on the balcony of one of our staterooms, or enjoying one of our numerous shore excursions, you're free to do whatever.

The Caribbean has more then 5,000 islands, so overtime it will take more then one cruise just to see the major islands. Cruise to the Eastern Caribbean, Western Caribbean, or the Southern Caribbean. On a Caribbean Cruise you can experience snorkeling, diving, para sailing, horseback riding, golf and much more. Experience the best of the islands on a Norwegian Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise.

Caribbean Available Cruises

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2019 Caribbean Available Cruises

Dec 087Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,198$47960%
Dec 085Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New Orleans$698$27960%
Dec 094Norwegian PearlRoundtrip Miami$469$12973%
Dec 125Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$448$17960%
Dec 135Norwegian PearlRoundtrip Miami$599$20966%
Dec 139Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New Orleans$998$39960%
Dec 147Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,123$44960%
Dec 147Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Miami$1,349$37972%
Dec 157Norwegian DawnRoundtrip Tampa$873$34960%
Dec 157Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,123$44960%
Dec 175Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$473$18960%
Dec 185Norwegian PearlRoundtrip Miami$998$29971%
Dec 2114Norwegian GemRoundtrip New York City$3,748$1,49960%
Dec 217Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,998$79960%
Dec 217Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Miami$2,298$79966%
Dec 227Norwegian DawnRoundtrip Tampa$1,623$64960%
Dec 227Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,373$54960%
Dec 225Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,248$49960%
Dec 227Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New Orleans$2,373$94960%
Dec 287Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Port Canaveral$2,498$99960%
Dec 287Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Miami$2,298$1,02956%
Dec 297Norwegian DawnRoundtrip Tampa$2,073$82960%
Dec 297Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,948$77960%
Dec 297Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New Orleans$2,298$91960%

2020 Caribbean Available Cruises

Jan 035Norwegian PearlRoundtrip Miami$649$27958%
Jan 035Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$798$31960%
Jan 047Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,248$49960%
Jan 047Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Miami$1,349$54960%
Jan 0511Norwegian DawnRoundtrip Tampa$1,623$64960%
Jan 0511Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,323$52960%
Jan 057Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New Orleans$1,073$42960%
Jan 0514Norwegian BlissRoundtrip New York City$2,748$1,09960%
Jan 085Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$698$27960%
Jan 1111Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,998$79960%
Jan 117Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Miami$1,349$49964%
Jan 125Norwegian PearlRoundtrip Miami$649$27958%
Jan 125Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New Orleans$748$29960%
Jan 135Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$823$32960%
Jan 1610Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,373$54960%
Jan 179Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New Orleans$1,623$64960%
Jan 185Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$748$29960%
Jan 187Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Miami$1,349$49964%
Jan 1914Norwegian BlissRoundtrip New York City$2,873$1,14960%
Jan 2112Norwegian DawnRoundtrip Tampa$1,873$74960%
Jan 2210Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,873$74960%
Jan 235Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$748$29960%
Jan 257Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Miami$1,748$49972%
Jan 2611Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,248$49960%
Jan 267Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New Orleans$1,123$44960%
Jan 285Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$873$34960%
Feb 017Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,373$54960%
Feb 017Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Miami$1,748$39978%
Feb 0214Norwegian DawnRoundtrip Tampa$2,998$1,19960%
Feb 025Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$823$32960%
Feb 025Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New Orleans$873$34960%
Feb 0214Norwegian BlissRoundtrip New York City$3,123$1,24960%
Feb 0610Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,498$59960%
Feb 075Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$823$32960%
Feb 079Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New Orleans$1,998$79960%
Feb 087Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,373$54960%
Feb 087Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Miami$1,349$49964%
Feb 125Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$873$34960%
Feb 1410Norwegian GemRoundtrip New York City$2,323$92960%
Feb 157Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,873$74960%
Feb 157Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Miami$1,748$49972%
Feb 167Norwegian DawnRoundtrip Tampa$1,448$57960%
Feb 167Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,248$49960%
Feb 167Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New Orleans$2,048$81960%
Feb 175Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$998$39960%
Feb 225Norwegian PearlRoundtrip Miami$649$29954%
Feb 225Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$998$39960%
Feb 227Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,498$59960%
Feb 227Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Miami$1,349$54960%
Feb 237Norwegian DawnRoundtrip Tampa$1,123$44960%
Feb 237Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,373$54960%
Feb 237Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New Orleans$1,373$54960%
Feb 2411Norwegian GemRoundtrip New York City$1,748$69960%
Feb 275Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,073$42960%
Feb 297Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,498$59960%
Feb 297Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Miami$1,349$49964%
Mar 017Norwegian DawnRoundtrip Tampa$1,123$44960%
Mar 017Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,623$64960%
Mar 017Norwegian PearlRoundtrip Miami$979$39960%
Mar 017Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New Orleans$1,298$51960%
Mar 035Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,123$44960%
Mar 0610Norwegian GemRoundtrip New York City$1,748$69960%
Mar 077Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,498$59960%
Mar 077Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Miami$1,748$69961%
Mar 087Norwegian DawnRoundtrip Tampa$1,248$49960%
Mar 087Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,248$49960%
Mar 087Norwegian PearlRoundtrip Miami$1,049$34967%
Mar 085Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,123$44960%
Mar 087Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New Orleans$1,498$59960%
Mar 135Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,323$52960%
Mar 147Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,623$64960%
Mar 147Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Miami$1,748$69961%
Mar 157Norwegian DawnRoundtrip Tampa$1,448$57960%
Mar 157Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,248$49960%
Mar 157Norwegian PearlRoundtrip Miami$1,129$49956%
Mar 157Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New Orleans$1,623$64960%
Mar 1610Norwegian GemRoundtrip New York City$1,748$69960%
Mar 185Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,498$59960%
Mar 217Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,498$59960%
Mar 217Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Miami$1,748$74958%
Mar 227Norwegian DawnRoundtrip Tampa$1,373$54960%
Mar 2210Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,698$67960%
Mar 225Norwegian PearlRoundtrip Miami$1,049$34967%
Mar 227Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New Orleans$1,573$62960%
Mar 2611Norwegian GemRoundtrip New York City$2,073$82960%
Mar 287Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,623$64960%
Mar 287Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Miami$1,748$74958%
Mar 2911Norwegian DawnTampa to New York City$1,748$69960%
Mar 299Norwegian StarRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,748$69960%
Mar 297Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New Orleans$1,498$59960%
Apr 047Norwegian EpicRoundtrip Miami$1,828$49973%
Apr 047Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Port Canaveral$2,248$89960%
Apr 057Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New Orleans$1,748$69960%
Apr 117Norwegian EpicRoundtrip Miami$1,828$52972%
Apr 117Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Port Canaveral$2,123$84960%
Apr 127Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New Orleans$1,623$64960%
Apr 265Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Miami$829$39952%
May 015Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Miami$829$42949%
May 107Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Miami$1,129$81928%
May 1112Norwegian PearlMiami to New York City$1,948$77960%
May 175Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Miami$899$42953%
May 265Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Miami$899$49945%
May 317Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Miami$1,279$74942%
Jun 077Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Miami$1,499$89941%
Jun 147Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Miami$1,499$86943%
Jun 217Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Miami$1,579$94940%
Jun 287Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Miami$1,649$89946%
Jul 057Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Miami$1,649$94943%
Jul 127Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Miami$1,649$94943%
Jul 197Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Miami$1,649$94943%
Jul 267Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Miami$1,649$94943%
Aug 027Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Miami$1,579$89944%
Aug 097Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Miami$1,429$84941%
Aug 167Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Miami$1,349$82939%
Aug 235Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Miami$1,279$64950%
Oct 1614Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip New York City$2,698$1,07960%
Nov 0110Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$2,248$89960%
Nov 0913Norwegian BreakawayNew York City to New Orleans$2,473$98960%
Nov 095Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,123$44960%
Nov 1110Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$2,248$89960%
Nov 147Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,623$64960%
Nov 155Norwegian PearlRoundtrip Miami$749$44941%
Nov 205Norwegian PearlRoundtrip Miami$1,148$49957%
Nov 217Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,998$79960%
Nov 227Norwegian JadeRoundtrip Tampa$1,623$64960%
Nov 227Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip New Orleans$1,998$79960%
Nov 227Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Miami$1,918$99948%
Nov 2313Norwegian EpicBarcelona to San Juan$1,998$79960%
Nov 255Norwegian PearlRoundtrip Miami$1,228$49960%
Nov 287Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,873$74960%
Nov 2914Norwegian JadeRoundtrip Tampa$3,248$1,29960%
Nov 2910Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,998$79960%
Nov 297Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip New Orleans$1,748$69960%
Nov 3012Norwegian GemRoundtrip New York City$2,373$94960%
Dec 057Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,823$72960%
Dec 067Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,698$67960%
Dec 067Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip New Orleans$1,623$64960%
Dec 0910Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,998$79960%
Dec 115Norwegian PearlRoundtrip Miami$749$44941%
Dec 1210Norwegian GemRoundtrip New York City$2,373$94960%
Dec 127Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,873$74960%
Dec 137Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,698$67960%
Dec 137Norwegian JadeRoundtrip Tampa$1,448$57960%
Dec 137Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip New Orleans$1,573$62960%
Dec 165Norwegian PearlRoundtrip Miami$1,148$44961%
Dec 195Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$748$29960%
Dec 197Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Port Canaveral$2,573$1,02960%
Dec 207Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$2,498$99960%
Dec 207Norwegian JadeRoundtrip Tampa$2,498$99960%
Dec 207Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip New Orleans$2,623$1,04960%
Dec 2114Norwegian PearlRoundtrip Miami$4,748$1,89960%
Dec 2212Norwegian GemRoundtrip New York City$5,123$2,04960%
Dec 245Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,623$64960%
Dec 267Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Port Canaveral$2,923$1,16960%
Dec 277Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$2,873$1,14960%
Dec 277Norwegian JadeRoundtrip Tampa$2,623$1,04960%
Dec 277Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip New Orleans$2,698$1,07960%
Dec 295Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,623$64960%

2021 Caribbean Available Cruises

Jan 027Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,898$75960%
Jan 037Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$2,073$82960%
Jan 0311Norwegian GemRoundtrip New York City$2,248$89960%
Jan 0312Norwegian JadeRoundtrip Tampa$2,748$1,09960%
Jan 0310Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$2,373$94960%
Jan 037Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip New Orleans$1,498$59960%
Jan 0311Norwegian GetawayNew York City to Miami$2,198$87960%
Jan 097Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,748$69960%
Jan 107Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,823$72960%
Jan 107Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip New Orleans$1,498$59960%
Jan 1414Norwegian GemRoundtrip New York City$2,698$1,07960%
Jan 167Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,823$72960%
Jan 177Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,873$74960%
Jan 177Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip New Orleans$1,748$69960%
Jan 1810Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$2,498$99960%
Jan 185Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip Miami$1,248$49960%
Jan 2012Norwegian JadeRoundtrip Tampa$2,873$1,14960%
Jan 237Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip Miami$1,748$69960%
Jan 237Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,873$74960%
Jan 247Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,873$74960%
Jan 247Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip New Orleans$1,748$69960%
Jan 2814Norwegian GemRoundtrip New York City$2,748$1,09960%
Jan 307Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip Miami$1,748$69960%
Jan 307Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,898$75960%
Jan 317Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,748$69960%
Jan 317Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip New Orleans$1,748$69960%
Feb 0113Norwegian JadeRoundtrip Tampa$3,248$1,29960%
Feb 065Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip Miami$1,248$49960%
Feb 067Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,873$74960%
Feb 077Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,873$74960%
Feb 077Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip New Orleans$1,873$74960%
Feb 077Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Miami$2,248$89960%
Feb 1110Norwegian GemRoundtrip New York City$2,498$99960%
Feb 137Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,998$79960%
Feb 147Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,998$79960%
Feb 147Norwegian JadeRoundtrip Tampa$1,998$79960%
Feb 147Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip New Orleans$1,998$79960%
Feb 147Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Miami$2,248$89960%
Feb 1510Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$2,498$99960%
Feb 205Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,423$56960%
Feb 217Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,998$79960%
Feb 2111Norwegian GemRoundtrip New York City$2,198$87960%
Feb 2111Norwegian JadeRoundtrip Tampa$2,998$1,19960%
Feb 217Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip New Orleans$1,998$79960%
Feb 287Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,998$79960%
Feb 287Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip New Orleans$1,998$79960%
Mar 015Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,498$59960%
Mar 0411Norwegian GemRoundtrip New York City$2,448$97960%
Mar 065Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,498$59960%
Mar 077Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,998$79960%
Mar 0710Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$2,498$99960%
Mar 077Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip New Orleans$2,123$84960%
Mar 147Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$2,248$89960%
Mar 147Norwegian JadeRoundtrip Tampa$1,998$79960%
Mar 147Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip New Orleans$2,123$84960%
Mar 1511Norwegian GemRoundtrip New York City$2,448$97960%
Mar 155Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,498$59960%
Mar 207Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Port Canaveral$2,123$84960%
Mar 217Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$2,248$89960%
Mar 217Norwegian JadeRoundtrip Tampa$2,248$89960%
Mar 217Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip New Orleans$2,248$89960%
Mar 225Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,498$59960%
Mar 2610Norwegian GemRoundtrip New York City$2,748$1,09960%
Mar 275Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,498$59960%
Mar 277Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Port Canaveral$2,073$82960%
Mar 287Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$2,248$89960%
Mar 287Norwegian JadeRoundtrip Tampa$2,248$89960%
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