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Let Norwegian whisk you away to a tropical vacation in Hawaii. Trek to the top of Maui’s massive volcano Haleakala or sink your toes into the black-sand beach. Experience the lush forests, crystal clear waters, rich cultures, and delicious foods or all five of the unique ports including O’ahu, Maui, Hilo, Kona, and Kaua’i. If you are looking for more, hop aboard the Norwegian Jewel and witness the untouched islands on a Hawaii and French Polynesia cruise and experience all paradise has to offer.

Hawaii & South Pacific Available Cruises

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2023 Hawaii & South Pacific Available Cruises

Sep 307Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$4,073$1,62960%
Oct 077Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$4,073$1,62960%
Oct 147Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$4,073$1,62960%
Oct 217Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$4,073$1,62960%
Oct 287Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$4,073$1,62960%
Nov 047Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$4,073$1,62960%
Nov 117Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$3,873$1,54960%
Nov 187Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$4,648$1,85960%
Nov 257Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$3,873$1,54960%
Dec 027Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$3,873$1,54960%
Dec 097Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$3,873$1,54960%
Dec 167Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$4,298$1,71960%
Dec 237Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$6,598$2,63960%
Dec 307Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$6,598$2,63960%

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