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Norwegian Cruises to the Bahamas

Need some beach time? There is one with your name on it once you plan a Bahamas and Florida cruise vacation. If you are looking for a quick getaway 3, 4, or 5 day Bahamas cruises sail out of Miami and Orlando. If you are looking for a longer vacation head to New York for a 7 to 10 day cruise that stops near Orlando’s thrilling theme parks and Kennedy Space Center. From romantic tropical adventures, to a great time with the kids Norwegian has plenty of Bahamas cruises to choose from.

Bahamas Available Cruises

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2020 Bahamas Available Cruises

Apr 033Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,098$30073%
Apr 034Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$943$37760%
Apr 057Norwegian BlissRoundtrip New York City$2,623$1,04960%
Apr 064Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,198$34971%
Apr 075Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,188$47560%
Apr 0910Norwegian DawnRoundtrip New York City$3,358$1,34360%
Apr 103Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,198$34971%
Apr 125Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$943$37760%
Apr 127Norwegian BlissRoundtrip New York City$3,053$1,22160%
Apr 134Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,298$39870%
Apr 174Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,013$40560%
Apr 173Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,298$33575%
Apr 184Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Port Canaveral$995$39860%
Apr 204Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,098$36367%
Apr 215Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,013$40560%
Apr 233Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Miami$998$32868%
Apr 243Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,298$36373%
Apr 265Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,013$40560%
Apr 274Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,098$36367%
May 015Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,398$42670%
May 064Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Miami$1,298$19585%
May 065Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,498$44071%
May 114Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,098$37067%
May 155Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,398$44769%
May 205Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,698$44774%
May 224Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Miami$1,398$39872%
May 254Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,198$37070%
May 293Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,298$39170%
Jun 014Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,198$41266%
Jun 053Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,298$40569%
Jun 084Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,198$41966%
Jun 123Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,298$45466%
Jun 207Norwegian PearlRoundtrip New York City$2,308$92360%
Jun 202Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,048$19582%
Jun 225Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,798$65064%
Jun 277Norwegian PearlRoundtrip New York City$2,273$90960%
Jun 275Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,698$61564%
Jul 024Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,598$55266%
Jul 047Norwegian PearlRoundtrip New York City$2,203$88160%
Jul 065Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,698$61564%
Jul 117Norwegian PearlRoundtrip New York City$2,133$85360%
Jul 115Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,698$61564%
Jul 164Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,598$60862%
Jul 187Norwegian PearlRoundtrip New York City$2,273$90960%
Jul 204Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,298$52460%
Jul 243Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,398$48966%
Jul 257Norwegian PearlRoundtrip New York City$2,185$87460%
Jul 274Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,298$52460%
Jul 313Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,398$47567%
Aug 017Norwegian PearlRoundtrip New York City$2,220$88860%
Aug 073Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,298$43367%
Aug 087Norwegian PearlRoundtrip New York City$2,238$89560%
Aug 104Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,298$50362%
Aug 143Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,298$43367%
Aug 157Norwegian PearlRoundtrip New York City$2,185$87460%
Aug 174Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,168$31474%
Aug 213Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,198$32873%
Aug 227Norwegian PearlRoundtrip New York City$2,185$87460%
Aug 244Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,098$29374%
Aug 283Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,198$29376%
Aug 314Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,068$25876%
Sep 043Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,398$35675%
Sep 074Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,198$32174%
Sep 113Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,698$37778%
Sep 144Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,498$32179%
Sep 183Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,198$30775%
Sep 214Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,418$27281%
Sep 253Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,198$34272%
Sep 284Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,418$27281%
Oct 023Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,198$34971%
Oct 054Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,448$29380%
Oct 093Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,198$34971%
Oct 124Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,448$29380%
Oct 164Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,468$32179%
Oct 205Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,628$35679%
Oct 255Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,668$35679%
Oct 3010Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip New York City$2,360$94460%
Oct 303Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,198$34971%
Nov 024Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,098$26576%
Nov 095Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,198$32174%
Nov 145Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,198$32174%
Nov 194Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,698$48972%
Nov 213Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$785$31460%
Nov 234Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,198$34272%
Nov 245Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,083$43360%
Nov 274Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,398$39173%
Dec 015Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,198$28677%
Dec 065Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,198$28677%
Dec 113Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,298$37771%
Dec 144Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,098$29374%
Dec 183Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,298$39170%
Dec 197Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New York City$2,780$1,11260%
Dec 214Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,848$51073%
Dec 253Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,498$46869%
Dec 268Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New York City$3,638$1,45560%
Dec 284Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,818$72760%

2021 Bahamas Available Cruises

Jan 013Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$593$23760%
Jan 044Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$698$27960%
Jan 044Norwegian PearlRoundtrip Miami$873$34960%
Jan 083Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$593$23760%
Jan 083Norwegian PearlRoundtrip Miami$715$28660%
Jan 114Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$698$27960%
Jan 144Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip Miami$925$37060%
Jan 153Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$803$32160%
Jan 155Norwegian JadeRoundtrip Tampa$960$38460%
Jan 184Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$698$27960%
Jan 223Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$593$23760%
Jan 254Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$698$27960%
Jan 293Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$593$23760%
Feb 014Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$698$27960%
Feb 053Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$593$23760%
Feb 084Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$698$27960%
Feb 123Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$628$25160%
Feb 123Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$715$28660%
Feb 147Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New York City$2,045$81860%
Feb 154Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$698$27960%
Feb 193Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$593$23760%
Feb 217Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New York City$1,538$61560%
Feb 224Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$698$27960%
Feb 254Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,083$43360%
Feb 263Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$593$23760%
Feb 287Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New York City$1,975$79060%
Mar 014Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$785$31460%
Mar 045Norwegian JadeRoundtrip Tampa$1,048$41960%
Mar 053Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$680$27260%
Mar 077Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New York City$1,748$69960%
Mar 084Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$925$37060%
Mar 095Norwegian JadeRoundtrip Tampa$1,048$41960%
Mar 114Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,118$44760%
Mar 123Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$715$28660%
Mar 147Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New York City$1,923$76960%
Mar 154Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$978$39160%
Mar 193Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$715$28660%
Mar 217Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New York City$2,045$81860%
Mar 224Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,030$41260%
Mar 263Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$715$28660%
Mar 287Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New York City$2,553$1,02160%
Mar 294Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,030$41260%
Apr 014Norwegian PearlRoundtrip Miami$1,083$43360%
Apr 023Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$715$28660%
Apr 047Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New York City$2,728$1,09160%
Apr 054Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$960$38460%
Apr 093Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$680$27260%
Apr 104Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,013$40560%
Apr 124Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$908$36360%
Apr 163Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$593$23760%
May 073Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$820$32860%
May 283Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,118$44760%
May 314Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,118$44760%
Jun 043Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$855$34260%
Jun 074Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,118$44760%
Jun 113Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$995$39860%
Jun 144Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,310$52460%
Jun 183Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$995$39860%
Jun 214Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,310$52460%
Jun 253Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$995$39860%
Jun 284Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,310$52460%
Jul 023Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,118$44760%
Jul 054Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,433$57360%
Jul 093Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$995$39860%
Jul 124Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,310$52460%
Jul 163Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$995$39860%
Jul 194Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,310$52460%
Jul 233Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$995$39860%
Jul 264Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,310$52460%
Jul 303Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$995$39860%
Aug 024Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,310$52460%
Aug 063Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$995$39860%
Aug 094Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,310$52460%
Aug 134Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,310$52460%
Dec 173Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$855$34260%
Dec 204Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,608$64360%
Dec 245Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$2,063$82560%
Dec 295Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$2,238$89560%

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