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When you cruise with NCL to Alaska and you want to walk on a glacier- you can. And there's no problem if you want to watch whales or check out the amazing scenery. But, if you'd rather be winning in the casino or relaxing in the spa, you can do that too. With our exclusive Freestyle Cruising you get to experience what you want, when you want. In fact you're free to... whatever. So take advantage of one of our great deals on Alaska cruises and book today.

One word says it all awesome. Experience Alaska's grandeur up close, on board a Norwegian Cruise Line Alaskan Cruise. It is the land of the midnight sun, which gives you more time to see the Glacier's, bears, eagles, and more then half of the world’s entire population of humpback whales. Yes an Alaskan Cruise is awesome and and once you have taken your Alaska Cruise, you never really can forget the experience. You can even extend your Alaskan Cruise with a land package.

Alaska Available Cruises

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2020 Alaska Available Cruises

May 107Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$2,360$94460%
May 117Norwegian JewelVancouver to Seward$2,063$82560%
May 177Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$2,535$1,01460%
May 187Norwegian JewelSeward to Vancouver$1,923$76960%
May 2111Norwegian SunRoundtrip Seattle$2,588$1,03560%
May 247Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$2,903$1,16160%
May 257Norwegian JewelVancouver to Seward$2,063$82560%
May 317Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$3,148$1,25960%
Jun 017Norwegian JewelSeward to Vancouver$1,835$73460%
Jun 0111Norwegian SunRoundtrip Seattle$2,553$1,02160%
Jun 077Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$3,323$1,32960%
Jun 087Norwegian JewelVancouver to Seward$2,010$80460%
Jun 1211Norwegian SunRoundtrip Seattle$2,798$1,11960%
Jun 147Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$3,498$1,39960%
Jun 157Norwegian JewelSeward to Vancouver$1,975$79060%
Jun 217Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$3,690$1,47660%
Jun 227Norwegian JewelVancouver to Seward$2,010$80460%
Jun 239Norwegian SunRoundtrip Seattle$2,500$1,00060%
Jun 287Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$3,743$1,49760%
Jun 297Norwegian JewelSeward to Vancouver$1,975$79060%
Jul 0211Norwegian SunRoundtrip Seattle$3,113$1,24560%
Jul 057Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$3,690$1,47660%
Jul 067Norwegian JewelVancouver to Seward$2,063$82560%
Jul 127Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$4,198$1,67960%
Jul 137Norwegian JewelSeward to Vancouver$1,975$79060%
Jul 1311Norwegian SunRoundtrip Seattle$3,323$1,32960%
Jul 197Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$3,953$1,58160%
Jul 207Norwegian JewelVancouver to Seward$1,975$79060%
Jul 2411Norwegian SunRoundtrip Seattle$2,920$1,16860%
Jul 267Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$3,830$1,53260%
Jul 277Norwegian JewelSeward to Vancouver$1,975$79060%
Aug 027Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$3,725$1,49060%
Aug 037Norwegian JewelVancouver to Seward$1,923$76960%
Aug 049Norwegian SunRoundtrip Seattle$2,710$1,08460%
Aug 097Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$3,323$1,32960%
Aug 107Norwegian JewelSeward to Vancouver$1,835$73460%
Aug 1312Norwegian SunRoundtrip Seattle$3,148$1,25960%
Aug 167Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$3,148$1,25960%
Aug 177Norwegian JewelVancouver to Seward$1,940$77660%
Aug 237Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$2,903$1,16160%
Aug 247Norwegian JewelSeward to Vancouver$1,940$77660%
Aug 2510Norwegian SunRoundtrip Seattle$2,763$1,10560%
Aug 307Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$2,955$1,18260%
Aug 317Norwegian JewelVancouver to Seward$1,835$73460%
Sep 0411Norwegian SunRoundtrip Seattle$2,675$1,07060%
Sep 067Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$2,955$1,18260%
Sep 077Norwegian JewelSeward to Vancouver$1,888$75560%
Sep 137Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$2,710$1,08460%
Sep 1510Norwegian SunRoundtrip Seattle$2,623$1,04960%
Sep 207Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$2,955$1,18260%
Sep 257Norwegian SunRoundtrip Seattle$2,798$1,11960%
Sep 277Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$2,325$93060%
Oct 0315Norwegian SunVancouver to San Diego$3,183$1,27360%
Oct 047Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$2,448$97960%

2021 Alaska Available Cruises

Apr 247Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$2,483$99360%
Apr 279Norwegian SunRoundtrip Seattle$1,905$76260%
May 017Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$2,570$1,02860%
May 065Norwegian SunRoundtrip Seattle$1,153$46160%
May 087Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$2,623$1,04960%
May 107Norwegian JewelVancouver to Seward$1,975$79060%
May 119Norwegian SunRoundtrip Seattle$2,028$81160%
May 157Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$2,710$1,08460%
May 177Norwegian JewelSeward to Vancouver$1,975$79060%
May 207Norwegian SunRoundtrip Seattle$1,783$71360%
May 227Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$2,955$1,18260%
May 247Norwegian JewelVancouver to Seward$1,993$79760%
May 275Norwegian SunRoundtrip Seattle$1,275$51060%
May 297Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$3,025$1,21060%
May 317Norwegian JewelSeward to Vancouver$2,098$83960%
Jun 019Norwegian SunRoundtrip Seattle$2,395$95860%
Jun 057Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$3,270$1,30860%
Jun 077Norwegian JewelVancouver to Seward$2,098$83960%
Jun 107Norwegian SunRoundtrip Seattle$2,028$81160%
Jun 127Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$3,445$1,37860%
Jun 147Norwegian JewelSeward to Vancouver$2,220$88860%
Jun 175Norwegian SunRoundtrip Seattle$1,520$60860%
Jun 197Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$3,498$1,39960%
Jun 217Norwegian JewelVancouver to Seward$2,360$94460%
Jun 229Norwegian SunRoundtrip Seattle$3,078$1,23160%
Jun 267Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$3,620$1,44860%
Jun 287Norwegian JewelSeward to Vancouver$2,360$94460%
Jul 015Norwegian SunRoundtrip Seattle$1,905$76260%
Jul 037Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$3,620$1,44860%
Jul 057Norwegian JewelVancouver to Seward$2,483$99360%
Jul 069Norwegian SunRoundtrip Seattle$3,025$1,21060%
Jul 107Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$3,620$1,44860%
Jul 127Norwegian JewelSeward to Vancouver$2,570$1,02860%
Jul 157Norwegian SunRoundtrip Seattle$2,535$1,01460%
Jul 177Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$3,620$1,44860%
Jul 197Norwegian JewelVancouver to Seward$2,483$99360%
Jul 227Norwegian SunRoundtrip Seattle$2,535$1,01460%
Jul 247Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$3,620$1,44860%
Jul 267Norwegian JewelSeward to Vancouver$2,483$99360%
Jul 297Norwegian SunRoundtrip Seattle$2,535$1,01460%
Jul 317Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$3,620$1,44860%
Aug 027Norwegian JewelVancouver to Seward$2,360$94460%
Aug 057Norwegian SunRoundtrip Seattle$2,150$86060%
Aug 077Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$3,620$1,44860%
Aug 097Norwegian JewelSeward to Vancouver$2,360$94460%
Aug 127Norwegian SunRoundtrip Seattle$2,150$86060%
Aug 147Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$3,498$1,39960%
Aug 167Norwegian JewelVancouver to Seward$2,220$88860%
Aug 195Norwegian SunRoundtrip Seattle$1,520$60860%
Aug 217Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$3,445$1,37860%
Aug 237Norwegian JewelSeward to Vancouver$2,098$83960%
Aug 249Norwegian SunRoundtrip Seattle$2,903$1,16160%
Aug 287Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$3,270$1,30860%
Aug 307Norwegian JewelVancouver to Seward$2,098$83960%
Sep 025Norwegian SunRoundtrip Seattle$1,275$51060%
Sep 047Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$3,025$1,21060%
Sep 067Norwegian JewelSeward to Vancouver$2,010$80460%
Sep 079Norwegian SunRoundtrip Seattle$2,395$95860%
Sep 117Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$2,955$1,18260%
Sep 137Norwegian JewelVancouver to Seward$2,010$80460%
Sep 167Norwegian SunRoundtrip Seattle$2,028$81160%
Sep 187Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$2,745$1,09860%
Sep 207Norwegian JewelSeward to Vancouver$2,010$80460%
Sep 237Norwegian SunRoundtrip Seattle$1,905$76260%
Sep 257Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$2,693$1,07760%
Sep 307Norwegian SunRoundtrip Seattle$1,660$66460%
Oct 027Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$2,570$1,02860%
Oct 075Norwegian SunRoundtrip Seattle$1,065$42660%
Oct 097Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$2,483$99360%

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