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2021 Norwegian Cruises

Jan 167Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$6,248$2,49960%
Jan 167Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,948$77960%
Jan 1612Norwegian EncoreRoundtrip Miami$3,623$1,44960%
Jan 1613Norwegian StarRoundtrip Buenos Aires$4,748$1,89960%
Jan 177Norwegian JoyRoundtrip Miami$2,123$84960%
Jan 177Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip New Orleans$2,123$84960%
Jan 177Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,823$72960%
Jan 175Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Los Angeles / San Pedro$1,698$67960%
Jan 185Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,448$57960%
Jan 1821Norwegian DawnCivitavecchia (Rome) to $6,248$2,49960%
Jan 185Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip Miami$1,498$59960%
Jan 184Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,248$49960%
Jan 209Norwegian SpiritLisbon to Barcelona$3,123$1,24960%
Jan 2012Norwegian JadeRoundtrip Tampa$3,073$1,22960%
Jan 223Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,073$42960%
Jan 2216Norwegian BlissLos Angeles / San Pedro to Miami$4,448$1,77960%
Jan 235Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,448$57960%
Jan 237Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,873$74960%
Jan 237Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip Miami$2,248$89960%
Jan 247Norwegian JoyRoundtrip Miami$2,198$87960%
Jan 247Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip New Orleans$2,123$84960%
Jan 247Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$2,123$84960%
Jan 254Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,248$49960%
Jan 284Norwegian EncoreRoundtrip Miami$1,398$55960%
Jan 285Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,448$57960%
Jan 2814Norwegian GemRoundtrip New York City$3,748$1,49960%
Jan 2915Norwegian StarRoundtrip Buenos Aires$5,673$2,26960%
Jan 293Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,073$42960%
Jan 299Norwegian SpiritBarcelona to Lisbon$3,123$1,24960%
Jan 307Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$5,948$2,37960%
Jan 307Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,948$77960%
Jan 307Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip Miami$2,198$87960%
Jan 317Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip New Orleans$2,123$84960%
Jan 317Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,948$77960%
Jan 3112Norwegian JoyRoundtrip Miami$3,248$1,29960%
Feb 0113Norwegian JadeRoundtrip Tampa$3,248$1,29960%
Feb 014Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,248$49960%
Feb 0112Norwegian EncoreRoundtrip Miami$3,623$1,44960%
Feb 025Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,448$57960%
Feb 053Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,073$42960%
Feb 067Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,948$77960%
Feb 065Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip Miami$1,498$59960%
Feb 067Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$5,998$2,39960%
Feb 077Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Miami$2,623$1,04960%
Feb 077Norwegian JewelRoundtrip Los Angeles / San Pedro$2,248$89960%
Feb 079Norwegian SpiritLisbon to Barcelona$3,798$1,51960%
Feb 077Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip New Orleans$2,373$94960%
Feb 077Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,748$69960%
Feb 075Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,573$62960%
Feb 0821Norwegian DawnRoundtrip $9,498$3,79960%
Feb 084Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,248$49960%
Feb 1110Norwegian GemRoundtrip New York City$3,998$1,59960%
Feb 123Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,123$44960%
Feb 124Norwegian JoyRoundtrip Miami$1,248$49960%
Feb 123Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,073$42960%
Feb 137Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$6,248$2,49960%
Feb 136Norwegian EncoreRoundtrip Miami$2,373$94960%
Feb 1314Norwegian StarBuenos Aires to $4,748$1,89960%
Feb 137Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Port Canaveral$2,123$84960%
Feb 147Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New York City$2,198$87960%
Feb 147Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip New Orleans$2,373$94960%
Feb 147Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$2,248$89960%
Feb 147Norwegian JadeRoundtrip Tampa$2,248$89960%
Feb 147Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Miami$2,623$1,04960%
Feb 147Norwegian JewelRoundtrip Los Angeles / San Pedro$2,123$84960%
Feb 154Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,323$52960%
Feb 154Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,248$49960%
Feb 1612Norwegian JoyRoundtrip Miami$3,373$1,34960%
Feb 1611Norwegian SpiritBarcelona to Athens / Piraeus$4,023$1,60960%
Feb 164Norwegian PearlRoundtrip Miami$1,323$52960%
Feb 193Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,123$44960%
Feb 199Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$2,748$1,09960%
Feb 195Norwegian EncoreRoundtrip Miami$1,748$69960%
Feb 205Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,548$61960%
Feb 207Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$5,998$2,39960%
Feb 2111Norwegian JadeRoundtrip Tampa$3,148$1,25960%
Feb 2116Norwegian BlissMiami to Los Angeles / San Pedro$4,498$1,79960%
Feb 217Norwegian JewelRoundtrip Los Angeles / San Pedro$2,248$89960%
Feb 217Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New York City$2,323$92960%
Feb 217Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip New Orleans$2,398$95960%
Feb 217Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$2,123$84960%
Feb 2111Norwegian GemRoundtrip New York City$3,973$1,58960%
Feb 224Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,248$49960%
Feb 245Norwegian EncoreRoundtrip Miami$1,748$69960%
Feb 254Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,348$53960%
Feb 263Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,123$44960%
Feb 2714Norwegian Star to Buenos Aires$4,123$1,64960%
Feb 277Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$5,748$2,29960%
Feb 2710Norwegian SpiritRoundtrip Athens / Piraeus$3,848$1,53960%
Feb 285Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,623$64960%
Feb 287Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New York City$2,373$94960%
Feb 287Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip New Orleans$2,498$99960%
Feb 287Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,698$67960%
Feb 287Norwegian JoyRoundtrip Miami$2,373$94960%
Mar 014Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,248$49960%
Mar 0112Norwegian EncoreRoundtrip Miami$4,248$1,69960%
Mar 015Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,748$69960%
Mar 0120Norwegian DawnRoundtrip $8,998$3,59960%
Mar 0411Norwegian GemRoundtrip New York City$4,123$1,64960%
Mar 044Norwegian PearlRoundtrip Miami$1,373$54960%
Mar 045Norwegian JadeRoundtrip Tampa$1,498$59960%
Mar 0513Norwegian JewelHonolulu to $4,948$1,97960%
Mar 053Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$998$39960%
Mar 059Norwegian SunRoundtrip Port Canaveral$2,998$1,19960%
Mar 067Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$5,873$2,34960%
Mar 065Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,823$72960%
Mar 077Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,998$79960%
Mar 077Norwegian JoyRoundtrip Miami$2,373$94960%
Mar 077Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New York City$2,248$89960%
Mar 077Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip New Orleans$2,623$1,04960%
Mar 084Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,248$49960%
Mar 0910Norwegian SpiritRoundtrip Athens / Piraeus$3,848$1,53960%
Mar 095Norwegian JadeRoundtrip Tampa$1,623$64960%
Mar 095Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Los Angeles / San Pedro$1,873$74960%
Mar 114Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,573$62960%
Mar 123Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,123$44960%
Mar 1314Norwegian StarBuenos Aires to $4,748$1,89960%
Mar 137Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$5,998$2,39960%
Mar 137Norwegian EncoreRoundtrip Miami$2,873$1,14960%
Mar 147Norwegian JadeRoundtrip Tampa$2,248$89960%
Mar 1411Norwegian SunPort Canaveral to $3,123$1,24960%
Mar 147Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Los Angeles / San Pedro$2,748$1,09960%
Mar 147Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New York City$2,448$97960%
Mar 147Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip New Orleans$2,623$1,04960%
Mar 147Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$2,123$84960%
Mar 147Norwegian JoyRoundtrip Miami$2,623$1,04960%
Mar 1511Norwegian GemRoundtrip New York City$3,998$1,59960%
Mar 154Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,248$49960%
Mar 155Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,873$74960%
Mar 175Norwegian PearlRoundtrip Miami$1,323$52960%
Mar 1814Norwegian Jewel to Honolulu$4,873$1,94960%
Mar 193Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$998$39960%
Mar 1910Norwegian SpiritRoundtrip Athens / Piraeus$2,998$1,19960%
Mar 207Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Port Canaveral$2,248$89960%
Mar 207Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$5,248$2,09960%
Mar 207Norwegian EncoreRoundtrip Miami$2,873$1,14960%
Mar 217Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Los Angeles / San Pedro$2,373$94960%
Mar 217Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New York City$2,073$82960%
Mar 217Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip New Orleans$2,373$94960%
Mar 217Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,748$69960%
Mar 217Norwegian JoyRoundtrip Miami$2,123$84960%
Mar 2122Norwegian Dawn to Civitavecchia (Rome)$8,448$3,37960%
Mar 217Norwegian JadeRoundtrip Tampa$1,873$74960%
Mar 224Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,123$44960%
Mar 225Norwegian PearlRoundtrip Miami$1,323$52960%
Mar 2516Norwegian Sun to Seattle$3,373$1,34960%
Mar 263Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,123$44960%
Mar 2610Norwegian GemRoundtrip New York City$3,523$1,40960%
Mar 275Norwegian PearlRoundtrip Miami$1,373$54960%
Mar 2717Norwegian Star to Miami$4,873$1,94960%
Mar 277Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Port Canaveral$2,248$89960%
Mar 277Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$5,323$2,12960%
Mar 277Norwegian EncoreRoundtrip Miami$2,498$99960%
Mar 287Norwegian JadeRoundtrip Tampa$1,873$74960%
Mar 287Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Los Angeles / San Pedro$2,248$89960%
Mar 287Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New York City$2,073$82960%
Mar 287Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip New Orleans$2,373$94960%
Mar 287Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,823$72960%
Mar 287Norwegian JoyRoundtrip Miami$2,248$89960%
Mar 2910Norwegian SpiritRoundtrip Athens / Piraeus$3,748$1,49960%
Mar 294Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,198$47960%
Apr 0114Norwegian JewelHonolulu to $4,248$1,69960%
Apr 014Norwegian PearlRoundtrip Miami$823$32960%
Apr 023Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$698$27960%
Apr 037Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Port Canaveral$2,673$1,06960%
Apr 037Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$5,123$2,04960%
Apr 037Norwegian EncoreRoundtrip Miami$1,873$74960%
Apr 047Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Los Angeles / San Pedro$1,748$69960%
Apr 047Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip New York City$1,748$69960%
Apr 047Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip New Orleans$1,998$79960%
Apr 047Norwegian EpicRoundtrip San Juan$1,573$62960%
Apr 047Norwegian JoyRoundtrip Miami$2,123$84960%
Apr 047Norwegian JadeRoundtrip Tampa$1,623$64960%
Apr 055Norwegian GemRoundtrip New York City$1,198$47960%
Apr 0516Norwegian PearlMiami to Civitavecchia (Rome)$2,198$87960%
Apr 054Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$798$31960%
Apr 0810Norwegian SpiritRoundtrip Athens / Piraeus$2,823$1,12960%
Apr 093Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$698$27960%
Apr 107Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$5,123$2,04960%
Apr 1016Norwegian EncoreMiami to Los Angeles / San Pedro$2,898$1,15960%
Apr 104Norwegian EscapeRoundtrip Port Canaveral$1,048$41960%
Apr 1111Norwegian JadeTampa to New York City$2,298$91960%
Apr 117Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$1,623$64960%
Apr 117Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Los Angeles / San Pedro$1,998$79960%
Apr 1118Norwegian GetawayNew York City to Civitavecchia (Rome)$3,123$1,24960%
Apr 1114Norwegian EpicSan Juan to Barcelona$1,998$79960%
Apr 1211Norwegian DawnCivitavecchia (Rome) to Venice$2,748$1,09960%
Apr 124Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$748$29960%
Apr 134Norwegian JoyRoundtrip New York City$1,123$44960%
Apr 135Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Miami$1,248$49960%
Apr 1514Norwegian Jewel to Honolulu$4,373$1,74960%
Apr 1616Norwegian StarNew York City to Southampton$2,448$97960%
Apr 1615Norwegian EscapeNew York City to Southampton$2,323$92960%
Apr 163Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$698$27960%
Apr 177Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$5,123$2,04960%
Apr 174Norwegian JoyRoundtrip New York City$1,123$44960%
Apr 187Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$1,873$74960%
Apr 185Norwegian BlissLos Angeles / San Pedro to Vancouver$998$39960%
Apr 185Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Miami$1,248$49960%
Apr 1810Norwegian SpiritAthens / Piraeus to Barcelona$2,323$92960%
Apr 199Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,748$69960%
Apr 2111Norwegian PearlCivitavecchia (Rome) to Athens / Piraeus$2,073$82960%
Apr 214Norwegian JoyRoundtrip New York City$1,123$44960%
Apr 2215Norwegian JadeNew York City to Amsterdam$3,223$1,28960%
Apr 239Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Miami$2,048$81960%
Apr 239Norwegian DawnRoundtrip Venice$2,373$94960%
Apr 247Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$1,848$73960%
Apr 247Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$5,123$2,04960%
Apr 255Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$1,198$47960%
Apr 257Norwegian EpicRoundtrip Barcelona$1,948$77960%
Apr 253Norwegian EpicBarcelona to Civitavecchia (Rome)$998$39960%
Apr 257Norwegian JoyRoundtrip New York City$2,123$84960%
Apr 265Norwegian EncoreLos Angeles / San Pedro to Vancouver$1,048$41960%
Apr 279Norwegian SunRoundtrip Seattle$1,848$73960%
Apr 289Norwegian SpiritBarcelona to Venice$2,248$89960%
Apr 287Norwegian EpicRoundtrip Civitavecchia (Rome)$1,948$77960%
Apr 289Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,748$69960%
Apr 2911Norwegian JewelHonolulu to Vancouver$2,673$1,06960%
Apr 2911Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip Civitavecchia (Rome)$3,248$1,29960%
Apr 307Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$1,873$74960%
May 017Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$1,873$74960%
May 017Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$5,123$2,04960%
May 027Norwegian DawnRoundtrip Venice$1,623$64960%
May 027Norwegian EncoreRoundtrip Seattle$2,123$84960%
May 027Norwegian EpicRoundtrip Barcelona$1,748$69960%
May 027Norwegian JoyRoundtrip New York City$1,998$79960%
May 027Norwegian PearlRoundtrip Athens / Piraeus$1,873$74960%
May 027Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Miami$1,998$79960%
May 0212Norwegian StarRoundtrip Southampton$2,873$1,14960%
May 057Norwegian EpicRoundtrip Civitavecchia (Rome)$1,823$72960%
May 065Norwegian SunRoundtrip Seattle$1,248$49960%
May 077Norwegian GemRoundtrip Boston$1,998$79960%
May 073Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$623$24960%
May 079Norwegian JadeRoundtrip Amsterdam$2,073$82960%
May 079Norwegian SpiritVenice to Istanbul$1,873$74960%
May 087Norwegian BlissRoundtrip Seattle$1,873$74960%
May 087Pride Of AmericaRoundtrip Honolulu$5,123$2,04960%
May 097Norwegian JoyRoundtrip New York City$1,998$79960%
May 097Norwegian PearlRoundtrip Athens / Piraeus$1,623$64960%
May 095Norwegian BreakawayRoundtrip Miami$1,498$59960%
May 097Norwegian EpicRoundtrip Barcelona$1,748$69960%
May 097Norwegian DawnRoundtrip Venice$1,873$74960%
May 097Norwegian EncoreRoundtrip Seattle$2,123$84960%
May 1010Norwegian GetawayRoundtrip $3,248$1,29960%
May 109Norwegian SkyRoundtrip Miami$1,873$74960%
May 107Norwegian JewelVancouver to Seward$1,448$57960%
May 119Norwegian SunRoundtrip Seattle$2,073$82960%
May 127Norwegian EpicRoundtrip Civitavecchia (Rome)$1,823$72960%
May 149Norwegian StarRoundtrip Southampton$2,573$1,02960%
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Valid on 3+ night sailings. Free at Sea choice(s) must be selected at least 24 hours prior to sailing and cannot be changed on board. Bookings made within 24 hours to departure can choose promotion at time of booking. Select choice offer(s) are based on number of nights. Offer is capacity controlled and can be withdrawn at anytime. Singles paying 200% of voyage fare qualify. Anything consumed above the promotional benefit will be the responsibility of the guest at prevailing rates. Guest cannot substitute or customize this offer. All guests in stateroom must choose same offer. Government taxes, port expenses & fees, discretionary onboard service charges and/or gratuities are additional. Cancellation Fees also apply based on the booking/sailing date; therefore, Norwegian Cruise Line strongly recommends the purchase of travel protection on all bookings. Not applicable to chartered dates and group types: CMI OP EVENT, CMI OP LG EVENT, INCREG & INCLARGE This is a cruise only offer. This promotion is not applicable on the land portion of Cruisetours or bundles. Components included in this offer have no monetary value, are non-refundable and non-transferable. Offer and combinability with other promotional offers is subject to change at any time per Norwegian Cruise Line's discretion. Other restrictions may apply. Norwegian Cruise Line reserves the right to cancel or withdraw this offer at any time. Applicable to NCL MIAMI, NCL INTL, AUSTRALIA, NCL BRAZIL, NCL MEA and NCL ASIA. Not applicable to CE or UK offices.

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